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The Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions tasked EternityX with promoting the Netherlands as an attractive travel destination when international borders reopen for Chinese travellers. EternityX provided a full- stack digital marketing plan which included programmatic advertising, KOL and video content strategies to successfully boost followers on its Official Toutiao account and has managed to precisely reached 1.3 million targeted Chinese audience.

We now invite you to join us on the journey as to the secrets behind our successful strategies for the campaign!

Q: Why are you using Douyin short video for social media marketing?

A: Short video has recently become the go-to digital marketing tool in the tourism industry. This format has significant impact on travel decisions among many young Chinese travellers. The rise of social media has made it possible to change the way travellers seek information, from travel guidebooks/online travel websites to KOL/KOC content. Social media marketing is especially susceptible in China, thus, seeking travel advices from popular social media such as Douyin, Xiaohongshu, etc. is more prevalent than ever. Short video content on Douyin, the renowned video-sharing platform in China, are diversified and light-hearted and thus has successfully captured the attention of young travellers in China and is the ideal platform to engage them with sponsored content.

Q: Do you have a theme for the video? Why Wang Xiao Tu?

A: We have decided to go with “Ideal destination to travel after covid” for our theme, hoping to inspire more young Chinese travellers to visit the Netherlands after international borders reopen. We also want to express each one of our own strong desire to travel in the post-covid world, which resonated with many of our client’s target audiences. After screening and evaluating the audience size, quality, demographic and content of various KOLs, we believe Wang Xiao Tu is the best person for the collaboration. The main reasons are:

  1. Wang Xiao Tu is a popular travel KOL and her video style is a good match to the artistic side of the Dutch culture.
  2. She has visited the Netherlands previously, and footages from her prior visits send a powerful, convincing and attention grabbing message of her desire to revisit.
  3. Wang Xiao Tu’s audiences are mostly located across more prosperous provinces such as Shandong, Guangdong, Zhejiang and etc. who often take numerous trips to Europe each year.

Content seeding with short video allows an engagement rate of 33% higher than the average benchmark of the platform and video views reached 130K (as of the last day of the campaign).

Q: Is video marketing strategy on Douyin enough?

Netherlands Tourism - Video Campaign Screenshot

A: One of the objectives of the campaign was to increase the number of followers of The Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions’ official account on Toutiao. In addition to content seeding by collaborating with KOL, we leveraged our award-winning trading desk to precisely reach targeted Chinese audience with native ads placed on ad inventories where engagement rates are generally higher than average.

After identifying our targeted audience who are mostly from Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, aged 21-29, with a monthly income of RMB10,000 or more, interested in vacations, adventures, business travels and etc., we adopted precision targeting strategies that enabled us to reach such audiences in a data-driven manner to maximize efficiency.

Our strategies enable the campaign to achieve a CTR that was 20% higher than industry average, number of likes was 28% higher than previous posts and The Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions gained 3% more followers on Toutiao.

Q: Any insights you can share about this project?

A: The key to win over audiences is to understand their pain points and meet their needs. With our advanced multidimensional audience profiling, we are able to use dynamic content to personalize ad experiences based on their individual behaviours and interests. As the pandemic continues, keep people dreaming of travelling is important to prepare for an eventual travel rebound.

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