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China Influencer Marketing

Empowering Cross-Border Data Driven Business Decisions

Drive Sales and Traffic with Impactful Influencers 

EternityX’s China influencer solution provides data-driven influencer selection to assist brands with word-of-mouth social media marketing. We help identify the most suitable Chinese KOL/KOC composition for your brand, maximizing campaign performance.  We work closely with KOLs to create localized content tailored to the Chinese market, enabling you to reach your target audience through the most appropriate Chinese media channel.

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Scientific Methodology

Utilizing Data + Social Tools 

To Reach Over 1 Billion Social Users in China with Our Influencer Marketing Solution

Data  +

Analyze all social data including platform trends, hot topics, campaign keywords, competitors updates, etc. for idea brainstorming


Campaign Format

Creative Ideas

Main Content Topic & Hashtag

Points Linear Programming

Initial Planning

Data  +

Advanced analytics to analyze community discussion, engagement, and effectiveness of content pieces and KOLs/KOCs.


Goal-oriented Objectives and KPIs

Strategic KOL Selection

Optimized Timeline Execution

Campaign Guideline

Data  +

Data driven social campaign monitoring to effectively optimize and maximize your influencer campaign performance


Precise Advertising Strategies

Performance Optimization

Campaign Review and Recommendations


Optimize Your KOL/KOC Composition 

Choosing the right influencers is the first step to a successful influencer marketing campaign in China.  At EternityX, our China influencer marketing strategy takes a data-oriented approach and tailored to your brand’s image and target audience profiles.

Our KOL dashboard and experienced Chinese digital experts helps you to plan, execute, and track your KOL marketing campaigns with ease.

How to find the most optimal KOLs composition for your china marketing campaigns

KOL Dashboard

With our precision targeting AI technology and established connection with leading Chinese social media publishers like WeChat, Xiaohongshu, Kuaishou and Sina Weibo, EternityX can help you to effectively reach your Chinese audience and maximize you KPIs.


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