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AI Marketing Technology

Empowering Precision Targeting and Cross-Border Data Driven Business Decisions 

EternityX Trading Desk

Transparency For Comprehensive Marketing Strategy
Transparent Marketing Control

Direct connection to mainstream media with consumer segmentation, data, and brand safety sources, empowering marketers with comprehensive management over every campaign

Target Audience Profile
Detailed Target Audience Profiling

Our multidimensional and detailed audience profiling enable marketers to comprehend data in real time and precisely target their desired audience segments 

Auto-Optimization For The Best Result
Result Driven Auto-Optimization

Our built-in auto-optimization empowers marketers to effectively deliver campaign and provide valuable insights for future marketing strategy

Customized Advisory For Hurdle-Free Marketing in China
Hurdle-Free China Marketing

Our professional team assists marketers in addressing the pain points of entering China’s market to ensure a hurdle-free marketing experience

Data Capability

Our highly sophisticated AI technology and precision targeting ability enable us to process immense data, identify and precisely reach target audience throughout their decision-making journey.

Content distribution by deep-diving into consumers’ consumption behaviours throughout their decision making journey, generating insights to better target and convert them.

Data Capability

Audience Insights and Precision Targeting

EternityX leverage comprehensive audience profiles based on target audience demographics, site/ app preferences, interests, location, activity history, etc. These additional consumer insights allow us to create effective customer touch points and personalize marketing materials at scale.

Our proprietary AI technology enables brands to better analyze audience data and find potential targets across new channels or segments that marketers may overlooked. This can lead to more precise campaign planning and execution to reach your desired audience segments!


EternityX's Target Audience Profiling to Enable Precision Targeting

ID Space

Without ID Space

Difficult To Provide Precision Targeting Across Device

There is a significant shift in the digital advertising industry – cookies and other similar identifiers, such as mobile device IDs, which have laid a strong foundation for precision targeting marketing- are going away.

Since the dawn of the Internet, these identifiers have served as the backbone and lifeblood of advertisers and content creators, enabling the delivery of relevant ads and precision targeting based on users’ preferences and interests. They also fund the free content we enjoy on the Internet now, expanding our knowledge and enriching our lives.

Without EternityX ID Space
With ID Space

Enable Precise Targeting Across Device

The cross-device, cross-platform bridge for the understanding and anonymous identification of user segments.

EternityX ID Space

Data Services

data management platform
data integration
data matching
data expansion




have become the key to success for companies to stand out in fierce competition.

Our data management service addresses clients pain points on advertising data applications, helping them prevail in this data race.

Dynamic Creative Management

Apart from precision targeting, EternityX offers advanced creative management services to allow personalized advertising based on user interaction on your website or personal attributes.


Full integration with site/app and store product feed to power real-time extraction of various product details, including relevant images and pricing, to create a bespoke ad unit to boost the purchasing intention of your target consumers.

Dynamic Creative - Site
Dynamic Creative - Ads