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Case Study

Empowering Cross-Border Data Driven Business Decisions



Cartier FY23 Qixi – WeChat Mini-Program Launch in Hong Kong


  • Advertise Cartier HK’s latest QiXi promotion “LOVE IS RED”
  • Drive desired target audience and quality traffic to Cartier HK’s WeChat Mini-Program
  • Enrich customers’ user experience with the brand’s Mini-Program
  • Build Cartier HK’s own first-party database among their WeChat community
  • Identify unique insights from Mini-Program advertisement
Target Audience:

Chinese expats in HK and Chinese travelers to HK with high spending power

Pain Points:
Cartier_FY21 Qixi_Pain Points
Solution 1:
Cartier_FY23 Qixi_Solution_1
Solution 2:
Cartier_FY23 Qixi_Solution_2
Solution 3:
Cartier_FY23 Qixi_Solution_3
Campaign Result:

With merely two weeks of campaign optimization, our performance has outperformed the initial promised KPIs and we have helped achieve:

Generated traffics are new visitors
Reached brands’ 2022 yearly traffic in 14 days
Achieved CTR is higher than industry benchmark
Brands’ 2022 yearly unique visitors
Brands’ 2022 yearly new unique visitors in 14 days
Campaign Insights:

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Cartier FY21 Qixi – Hainan Duty-Free Store Traffic Increase Program


Convert TAs to purchase online & increase the store traffic at Cartier Duty Free Store in Sanya (by picking up the product there)

Target Audience:

The audience who are visiting Hainan, with a high spending power and intention to purchase luxury goods

Campaign Format:

Splash Ads

Banner Ads

Pain Point & Solution 1:
Cartier_Pain Point
Pain Point & Solution 2:
Cartier_Pain Point
Key Results:
Over delivered impressions than expected
Over delivered high quality traffic than expected
Overall CTR is higher than expected
Insight & Recommendations:

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