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Charlene, Our CEO, Shares Her Entrepreneurial Success Factors on SundayMore

Popular lifestyle and beauty online magazine targeting young female audiences in Hong Kong

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Our CEO Charlene recently accepted an interview from SundayMore to share her journey from discovering her enthusiasm in digital marketing to becoming the CEO of EternityX.

Charlene advised female entrepreneurs never to underestimate or question their abilities just because they are females. She also added that women should avoid being too self-demanding and should learn to take a break from their inner critics. Lastly, she believed that staying passionate and keeping up the hard work is the key to success in entrepreneurship.

To Charlene, employees are indispensable assets to company growth. Therefore, she identified nurturing tech talents as one of her missions, striving to create a conducive environment for talent development, such as providing leadership training and rewards to celebrate the team’s accomplishments.

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