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EternityX Was Listed In The “China MarTech Landscape 2022” In Three Categories!

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EternityX was listed in three categories of the “China MarTech Landscape 2022” (the “Landscape”) published by the Morketing Research.

On December 29 2021, the Morketing Research released the “China MarTech Landscape 2022”. It displays the prominent marketing technology companies and platforms that are capable of connecting with brands’ first party data ecosystem including EternityX, hence, providing an overview of the recent development of China’s digital market.

With more than 300 MarTech companies being included in previous years, it has been offering high reference value for China’s digital marketing field. This year the list has included nearly 70 companies and platforms in the industry. Among them, five are newly added.

The Landscape is divided into 4 major sections, 7 major categories, and 17 subcategories. This year, Eternity is listed in three categories, namely Trading Desk, Programmatic Creative, and DSP/AdNetwork.

The introduction of the listed companies and platforms will be later updated to the 2022 Enterprise Catalogue by the organization.

The “China MarTech Landscape 2022” is shown as below:


China MarTech Landscape 2022
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