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The 8th Morketing Summit|An Insightful Discussion on Brand Building Strategies for Overseas Companies

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On November 29th and 30th, 2023, the highly anticipated 8th Morketing Summit took place in Shanghai. Focused on the central theme of “Growth and Branding”, this event gathered distinguished scholars, executives from leading international groups, founders of innovative brands, and business leaders from top domestic e-commerce platforms. Together, they explored “new marketing” solutions and strategies tailored to brands across various industries and stages. EternityX is proud to be one of the Summit marketing partners, fostering the exchange of invaluable marketing insights. 



Charlene Ree, the founder and CEO of EternityX, participated in the final judging and presented the Morketing Awards.

Steven Yang, EternityX’s Managing Director, China


Steven Yang, EternityX’s Managing Director, China, was also invited to attend the event and took part in a roundtable discussion on the topic of ” Reimagining Branding Admist the Challenges of Outbound Marketing “ amonst top leaders from different industries 

Following the “overseas craze,” the competition in outbound marketing has intensified. Companies have now shifted their focus to product refinement, branding, and globalization. Discussions at the summit encompassed topics like creating successful products on various platforms, strategic short video marketing, and overseas brand building. Steven highlighted that brands are progressively expanding their overseas presence through strategic branding initiatives that encompass not only establishing brand identity but also promoting Chinese cultures. To establish long-lasting connections that resonate with consumers and foster a sense of trust and loyalty, brands need to possess a profound understanding of the market as well as the ability to swiftly and flexibly execute marketing strategies that are tailored to the consumption habits and cultures of different markets. When faced with language and cultural barriers, brands should embrace cultural differences, remain curious, and be open-minded.  


Regarding the current “AI Hype”, Steven emphasized that AIGC is a powerful marketing tool that enables the industry to achieve high ROI and empowers content creators to produce diverse and captivating video content. Through the integration of AI technology, brands can enhance the precision and efficiency of their advertising placements. Steven also highlighted the distinct characteristics and requirements of the present overseas market compared to earlier stages. Therefore, maintaining consistency is crucial for long-term brand building. Brands should prioritize localization strategies, understanding and adapting to the culture, customs, and demands of different markets. This approach is essential in establishing a consumer-driven brand image.

By harnessing advanced AI marketing technology and extensive audience data, EternityX is able to reach and captivate audiences across all touchpoints. At this year’s LDCS Summit, EternityX offered a range of comprehensive and precise marketing solutions tailored specifically for the luxury industry, empowering luxury brands to unlock their full potential. 


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