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EternityX Gains National Copyright Administration Accreditation of Its 15 Software Copyrights Registration

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As data is gradually becoming an important asset in the digital era, both advertisers and consumers have stronger demands for data security.  To build the trust of both parties and ensure higher data accuracy and validity, EternityX is always seeking more optimized solutions with nationally authorized software in their products.

Recently, EternityX has successfully obtained the official China software copyright certificates for their 15 software, approved by the National Copyright Administration of the People’s Republic of China, indicating that EternityX has gained authority recognition for its innovation capability and its efforts in research and development. 

EternityX's 15 china software copyright certificate

EternityX has never ceased to evolve in terms of product developments, devoting itself to better empowering brands and marketers. The 15 China software copyright certificate include the front-end interface system of EternityX programmatic network marketing platform, API interface system of EternityX programmatic network marketing platform, EternityX multi-platform login authority management system, EternityX advertising project management platform, EternityX advertising project early warning system, EternityX business opportunity lead collection and analysis system, EternityX agency management system, EternityX audience identification processing software, EternityX real-time advertising bidding computing system, EternityX dynamic advertising processing system, EternityX online advertising data monitoring system 1.0, EternityX HTTPS certificate distribution system, EternityX DMP system, EternityX advertising traffic security system, and EternityX third-party advertising monitoring system.

Here are some highlights of EternityX’s innovative products:

  • EternityX DMP System: assists brands, media and third parties in ad inventory management and to better understanding and utilize third-party data
  • EternityX Dynamic Advertising Processing System: connects the commodity database and advertising platform through API to accurately match “customers” and “products”. The brand commodity database can also be shared to different mainstream platforms (Tencent Ads, Baidu, ByteDance) for DPA advertising.
  • EternityX Advertising Traffic Security System: benefits brand protection by speeding up the identification process of invalid traffic, which can be filtered out before exposure

Since its establishment, EternityX’s all-around marketing solutions ensure performance and results while protecting brand safety in advertising and media buying processes. The brand has also invested in different product development projects, ultimately strengthening the technical resources and the application of innovative achievements.

EternityX dedicates to continuing the breakthrough in technological innovation and launching more precision marketing strategies supported by accurate data and technology, ultimately achieving the goal of becoming the overseas and local Chinese brands’ trusted partner and empowering their sustainable market growth.

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