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Empowering Cross-Border Data Driven Business Decisions

EternityX and Alipay’s Official Partnership Paves the Way for One-stop Access to the Vast Chinese Audience, from Travel to Payments!

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EternityX's official Xiaohongshu partnership certificate

15 December 2023 – Recently, EternityX has officially become the advertising agency for Alipay. Harnessing the immense corporate traffic and advanced ad placement capabilities of the official commercial ad platform 灯火 Denghuo, EternityX is proud to offer brands a remarkable array of collaboration opportunities across diverse scenarios, including the “Homepage Scenario,” “Payment Scenario,” and “Membership Scenario.” Through this partnership, EternityX hopes to empower brands to attain their marketing goals, whether it be driving product sales, generating leads, or enhancing brand recognition.

With EternityX’s cutting-edge AI marketing solution, brands can effortlessly access comprehensive marketing services spanning over 150 vertical service scenarios within the Alipay ecosystem. By leveraging multi-channel, AI-driven, and personalized targeting strategies, EternityX facilitates a seamless “dual circulation” both within and beyond the Alipay platform. This enables brands to tap into previously untapped customer segments and achieve precision targeting.

In August this year, Alipay officially launched its commercial promotion platform called “Denghuo” 灯火 after a year of testing. Following its launch was the debut of three public domain promotional products 全域智投(Comprehensive Intelligent ad placement), 搜索宝 (Search Treasure) , and “Brand Treasure(品牌宝) . At the same time, Alipay has a user base of over 1 billion, 800 million MAU, 150+ service scenarios (ranging from government and public affairs, transportation and lifestyles). Its ecosystem encompasses nearly 4 million partners, further demonstrating the extensive reach and scale of Alipay.

EternityX's official Xiaohongshu partnership certificate

In the homepage scenario, we leverage Alipay’s AI audience profiles and brands’ own CRM audience data to maximize reach and optimize conversion efficiency. By combining these resources with AI precision targeting capabilities, EternityX could enable comprehensive coverage of brands’ desired audiences.

In the payment scenario, we target users when they open the main feature page of Alipay. Combining payment time, payment scenario, and payment industry, we assist brands in delivering the right content to the right users at the right time.

In the membership scenario, Alipay possesses the world’s largest real-name authentication system. Through dedicated member zone, points-based loyalty program, and sign-in pop-ups, brands can precisely segment and target high-value consumers based on their spending power. 

In the transportation scenario, Alipay currently has coverage of over 1,000 cities and a user base of over 400 million travelers. With the ability to align with users’ travel demands, Alipay could support targeted advertising in areas such as commuting, business districts, and commercial areas. By integrating promotional efforts, Alipay enables effective synergy between the public and private domains.

In the search scenario, brands can benefit from better search position exposure by utilizing Alipay’s search and discovery page, which allow brands to capture user interactions in intent-driven Additionally, through Alipay’s IP marketing initiatives, such as “Collecting Five Blessings,” “Double Eleven,” and “Double Twelve,” brands can engage in joint marketing efforts and innovative content placements, thereby enhancing brand influence.

EternityX's official Xiaohongshu partnership certificate

Charlene Ree, Founder & CEO of EternityX, said, “We are thrilled about our partnership with Alipay, which opens up a new marketing channel and offers incredible opportunities for brands to establish a stronger presence in China. With EternityX’s precision targeting and Alipay’s extensive user base and diverse marketing scenarios, we will continue to empower brands to connect and engage with Chinese consumers, driving remarkable business growth and achieving success in the Chinese market.”

Alipay’s traffic has earned a reputation for credibility, and unlocking its potential has become a top priority for brands. EternityX is dedicated to offering brands a wide range of Chinese media channels. By collaborating with Alipay, we hope to enable brands to tap into the new marketing opportunities within the Alipay ecosystem and unlock its commercial value. Moving forward, EternityX will leverage data-driven marketing solutions to enhance marketing strategies, empowering brands to flourish by narrowing the gap between consumers and fostering meaningful connections.


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