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EternityX Advisory Note – How Travel and Travel Retail Brands Should Address Changing Consumer Behaviours Due to Covid-19


The travel industry is facing significant disruption and challenging times ahead as the world comes to grips with the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19). With precautions in place to prevent the spread of the virus, we have seen an accelerated shift in social behaviour from offline to online resulting in an even greater online reliance.

Based on our research, platform data and analysis in relation to the changing habits of todays consumer, EternityX has put together a set strategic recommendations and tactics for marketers.

Our aim is to help the Travel and Travel Retail industry prepare for the resurgence of the Chinese consumer in relation to the new digital behaviours – and as we have learned with any changes and trends, it is extremely important for brands to react and adapt to remain relevant for todays consumer.

EternityX - COVID-19 Brand Advisory Note Cover

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