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Reaching Chinese Speaking Communities in Australia


Census data shows that there were almost 600,000 Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) speakers in Australia in 2016, almost twice the number in 2011, with the 2021 Census expected to show further strong growth.

The Chinese community is a dynamic audience for marketers and identifying how best to connect and communicate with them is critical.

To understand the composition of the Chinese-speaking community, their usage of both Chinese and Western media, and their shopping habits, EternityX Marketing Technology commissioned Researchify Pty Ltd to conduct an online survey among 501 Chinese speaking adults across Australia in December 2020. Respondents were screened for age, gender and location to ensure a representative sample of Chinese speaking residents in Australia.

Download the white paper for important learnings in reaching this important audience segment in Australia.

Reaching Chinese Speaking Communities in Australia

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