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Thailand Is Gearing Up For When The Borders Reopen To Chinese Health And Wellness Tourists

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“ People nowadays are more health-conscious than they used to be. The Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Thai government have jointly launched a new campaign, positioning Thailand as a trusted destination for tourists to enjoy health and wellbeing activities. ”

The Tourism Authority of Thailand

Health and Wellness Tourism has become the new normal for Chinese travelers. To better resonate and target Chinese tourists, Tourism Authority of Thailand Beijing Office (hereinafter as “TAT”) worked with EternityX to capitalize on the rising travel demand and solidify Thailand’s position as one of the world’s leading destination for healthcare and wellness.

Thailand Tourism Board Post - Key Takeaways
Media Strategy:

Utilized EternityX’s 360-degree user persona data to create and target affluent Chinese travel enthusiasts with high spending power (hereinafter as “Affluent”) to drive user awareness and engagement.

  • Customized Audience Segments: leverage a combination of data sources and our AI technology to analyse audience data, identify and precisely target prospective Chinese tourists

An infographic showing how EternityX target Chinese health and wellness tourists

  • Premium Channel: focus on publishers that are popular among health-conscious Chinese consumers including but not limited to iQiyi, WeChat, MangoTV and SoYoung (China’s leading Medical Beauty APP) to target Chinese tourists who great interests in healthcare and wellness
  • Transparency: utilize third party ad tracking tools such as DoubleClick, Google Analytics to independently track campaign performance

Creative Strategy:

Visualize a medically-themed travel itinerary based on TAT’s TA

  • Ad Format: Utilize the most prominent, popular and best performing assets to drive a balance of engagement and performance including Splash Ad, Native Ad and Native Video
  • H5 Page: Bring target audience on a ‘travel journey’, featuring a series of health and wellbeing activities, highlighting USPs of health and wellness. tourism in Thailand

TAT's ads that target Chinese health and wellness tourists

  • A/B Testing: to identify Chinese tourists’ preferences by testing different creatives for real-time optimization and insights for current and future campaigns.
  • Video (hyperlink to our LinkedIn post will be placed here): Animation (Introduction of health and wellness tourism in Thailand) vs. Short Video (high-end style appealing to international audience). The CTR of animated video has slightly 0.1% higher than short video.
  • Banner: Scenic landscape vs. health and wellness activities, ads featuring health and wellness are more attention-grabbing.

Thailand Tourism Board Post - Banner Testing


Thailand Tourism Board Post - Campaign Achievement

Our recommendations for destination campaigns

  1. Always-on campaign to keep the momentum going: Launching always-on campaign to maintain brand awareness and continue the positive momentum,  inspiring Chinese audience to visit Thailand and makes Thailand the go to destination among Chinese tourists when travel restrictions relax.
  2. Interactive content to build brand relationship: Placing interactive elements such as lucky draw or gamification on landing page, creating a unique and immersive experience to increase dwell time and data capture opportunities from the audience will lead to a much higher impact on engagement and purchase intent.
  3. Short videos are the new battlefield to capture Chinese millennials travelers: Short videos have become a key tactic for brands to reach and engage their customers in recent years. Thus, allocating more digital budgets to native videos will improve brand recall and continue to build the brand’s overall awareness among Chinese travellers. 

Media Contacts:

Kelly Chan

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