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CaiXin Weekly | EternityX Shares its Profound Insights on Brand Marketing

CaiXin Weekly, a weekly Chinese magazine on finance and business
Read More: CaiXin Weekly Magazine print edition, October 2022

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EternityX has recently shared insights regarding brand marketing in the latest interview with CaiXin Weekly, in the article “How Does The Most Globalized Chinese Internet Company TikTok Manage to Capture the Global Market Share Against All the Odds ”.


The Cross-Border AI Marketing Technology Company, EternityX explained, “During the post-pandemic era, the economy has not yet fully recovered. Marketers are more discreet and conservative when allocating budgets for marketing campaigns. Apart from cost efficiency, they emphasize localized content and creative elements for their digital ads.

As the cost per traffic increases, brands are inclined to find ways to retain their current customer base or re-route the public traffic to their own private domain including those sought-after video platforms.  It is easy to achieve high ROI in the past through the effective purchase of traffic, but brands must put more efforts into actively exploring different channels to promote their business these days.


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