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EternityX Swept Up Three iDigital Annual Awards During The Global MarTech & Smart Retail Innovation Conference in Shanghai

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The Global MarTech & Smart Retail Innovation Conference—Private Traffic Innovation Forum and iDigital Annual Awards Ceremony presented by iDigital China was held on 16-17 September 2021 in Shanghai. The ceremony brought together influential industry leaders to discuss the emerging digital marketing trends such as smart retail and eCommerce, 5G+ Artificial Intelligence, the digital transformation empowered by MarTech and the retail growth in the new consumption era, etc.


GMTIC Ceremony


The iDigital Annual Award recognises outstanding brands, and constantly looks for new digital marketing innovations collaborating with digital marketers and media. Each award entry was reviewed based on the product capability, innovation, marketing power and influences. The judging panel would scrutinize each entry’s creativity, insights, performance, conversion, annual growth, industry reputation and popularity to select the most outstanding application.


With more than 450+ cases being submitted, EternityX is very honoured to receive the Scene Marketing Award of the Year and the Annual Excellent AI Technology Platform Award. In addition to the company award, our CEO Charlene was also awarded with the Outstanding Digital Marketing Leader of the Year in the individual category.


GMTIC Ceremony 2
GMTIC Ceremony 3



Annual Excellent AI Technology Platform Award


Annual Excellent AI Technology Platform Award


With advanced multi-dimensional audience profiling to comprehend audience needs throughout the consumer journey, EternityX can precisely reach brands’ consumers, increasing conversion rate by processing immense amount of data. Not only could we enhance digital marketing performance by a minimum of 20-30%, but we are able to reduce  clients’ wasted manpower by up to 80%.



Scene Marketing Award of the Year


photo of the Scene Marketing Award of the Year


Scene marketing is a new marketing concept, based on netizen’s online behaviour in the input scene, search and browsing scene to precisely identify the right audience for each campaign. With full respect for netizen’s online privacy as the first priority, EternityX centres on netizens’ behaviour path of input information with its cutting-edge AI technology, constructing a new marketing model with the aim to solely deliver relevant ads to audience whose interests align with brands at the right time via premium sites and apps, maximising Impression share and conversion rate.



Outstanding Digital Marketing Leader of the Year 2021


Outstanding Digital Marketing Leader of the Year 2021 Award


CEO & founder of EternityX, Charlene Ree leads the company to bridge the gap between the Western and the Chinese digital marketing landscape. Through understanding real-time needs of the target audience, EternityX can empower brands to build strong and lasting consumer-brand relationship, thereby improving brand identity. With more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing, Charlene led the company to achieve significant revenue increase and rapid expansion have illustrated her strong leadership skills and her expertise in the industry.

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