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Preheat Marketing — Carslan Preparing For The Upcoming Ecommerce Shopping Festival With Celebrity Endorsement

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Preheat Marketingg Carslan - Key Takeaways

Chinese actor, Steven Zhang (Zhang Xin Cheng) became an instant sensation with his role as He Zi Qiu of ‘Go Ahead’ and was dubbed “boyfriend of the month” in August. Aiming at bolstering brand awareness and sales, Carslan engaged Steven to endorse their newly launched liquid lipstick. Carslan also dedicated a landing page on their Douyin official account to garner the attention of Steven’s followers and app users who are interested in beauty and fashion. Complemented by our programmatic technology, we managed to target audience precisely and drove significant traffic to their eCommerce page.

Preheat Marketingg Carslan - Strategy

360 Degree User Persona And Precise Targeting Via Premium App & Sites

Preheat Marketingg Carslan - Douyin

Carslan, one of the biggest beauty name has a wide range of products that appeals to different generation. The predominantly young and upscale audience makes Douyin one of the most crucial platform for beauty brands to reach their target audience. When it comes to capturing the millennials, aged 25 to 40, Carslan tailormade a boyfriend-lipstick-themed landing page on Douyin, targeting those female users who are interested in beauty, fashion and those who follow Steven’s account or his fan page to enhance brand image.

In addition to interest and demographic targeting, we managed to recognise those who spend longer time on Douyin and actively engage in various campaigns. Thus, we allocated more budget to reach these audience, to increase campaign exposure, engagement and ignite their shopping desire.

Customized Audience Segments: To Precisely Target Affluent Shopping Enthusiasts

By building 360 degree user persona, we managed to identify our target audience precisely, bolstering quality traffic and increase engagement rate of the landing page. Furthermore, constant real-time optimization enable us to push for higher conversion rate and collect substantial data for those upcoming eCommerce shopping festival campaigns.

Preheat Marketingg Carslan - Audience Profile

Preheat Marketingg Carslan - Achievements

Simple Yet Powerful — Offering One-Stop Marketing Solution

EternityX is an award-winning marketing technology platform. We have always been devoted to empower global marketers, precisely identify and reach their target audience. Constantly analyzing real-time data, boosting both brand presence and conversion rate to maximise campaign results.

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