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Empowering Cross-Border Data Driven Business Decisions

EternityX Medaled “Best AI Marketing System/Tool/Platform of the Year” at the Tiger Roar Award Ceremony 2022

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Image of the the 13th Tiger Roar Award ceremony

EternityX won the Best AI Marketing System/Tool/Platform of the Year at the 13th Tiger Roar Award ceremony in 2022! The award is one of the most prestigious and influential awards in the digital marketing field in China. This year, more than 4000+ cases from 800 companies, including direct brands, agencies, media platforms, and technology providers, competed for this award. 



Recognized as the best AI marketing platform, EternityX can achieve precision targeting with its unique AI algorithm, developed based on the users’ demand cycle to provide practical and invaluable audience insights.


EternityX’s outstanding data capability allows brands to precisely identify target audiences at the right time via the right channel. The AI marketing platform has accumulated over 960 billion consumers’ behavioral data, converting it into 1,000+proprietary and precise audience segmentation tags. With data-driven insights, EternityX can achieve precision targeting according to customers’ consumption habits and interests and adopt different promotion methods (choosing favorable time slots and advertising formats) to generate the best campaign results. The refined data analysis also enables auto-optimization of campaign performance, serving domestic and overseas customers.  


EternityX AI marketing platform also supports omnichannel media coverage to reach over 90% of Chinese netizens. Through this platform, customers can freely connect to mainstream, high-quality, and reliable media resources (such as Toutiao, Baidu, IQIYI, etc.), third-party platforms and databases (such as, GDS, etc.) and third-party tools (such as brand protection, monitoring or creative optimization systems). 


The AI-driven platform has supported over 500 brands with over 3000 marketing campaigns, effectively improving their marketing efficiency by at least 20-30%, reducing costs, and empowering data-driven cross-border business decisions.


EternityX best AI marketing platform Award Certificate


Meanwhile, EternityX continues developing innovative products, such as Consent Manager and DPA Technology.


  • Consent Manager: The state has been paying more attention to data security and personal information protection. Consent Manager is becoming regulated to use cookies to track user data if authorized, which can achieve cookie compliance requirements and avoid non-compliance while providing a branded consent experience.
  • DPA Technology: Utilizing the DPA advertisement, the product collections and the advertising platform can be connected directly through the API so that the placement materials could be automatically created, which can accurately match the audience with the products. In this way, the marketers are easier target their audiences and achieve the effect of “Precise TA”. By connecting with the EternityX programmatic platform, brands’ product collections can be connected to mainstream platforms of different standards (e.g., Guangdiantong, Baidu, ByteDance) for DPA advertising.

EternityX is proud to be named the Best AI Marketing Platform and will strive for continuous improvements. Recently, the China Martech platform has also obtained 15 copyright registration certificates from the Chinese National Copyright Administration for its computer software. The national accreditation recognizes EternityX’s efforts in technology research and development. 


Tiger Roar Award Ceremony where EternityX was named Best AI Marketing Platform


To echo the theme of the Tiger Roar Award Ceremony this year – Starting A New Journey, EternityX will continue actively embracing digital transformation in the marketing field, deeply cultivate cross-border marketing, and optimize the platform algorithm and strategy.  


Living by its mission, EtenrityX strives to empower international brands to enter the Chinese market and help domestic brands to scale up globally, reaching their marketing goals by offering all-around and precision marketing solutions. 

About Tiger Roar Award

Tiger Roar Award is the most professional and influential comprehensive award in the Chinese digital marketing field. Guided by the Digital Marketing Committee of the China Advertising Association of Commerce, they aspire to be the industry builder”, which selects and records high-quality cases annually for the industry.

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